how long will my greens last in the fridge?

for best taste and freshness, we recommend you eat your greens within a week of harvest. some of the heartier greens like sunflower and pea shoots will last even longer, but it’s best to eat your sprouts as soon as possible to enjoy the same-day freshness!

how should I eat these?

microgreens are super versatile! soup, salad, sandwiches… anything you want to give a punch of healthy flavor. sunflower and peas will hold up the best to heat if you want to throw them in a stir fry, scramble, or pasta - but as a rule of thumb, add your greens in the last three minutes or so of cooking. don’t be afraid to use a lot of sprouts: we consider one of our 100g containers to be two or three servings. it breaks our heart to see them used as garnish - microgreens are amazing, nutritious, efficient, sustainable food!

you keep selling out of sprouts! how do i make sure to get my hands on some?

we know and we’re sorry! but what a great problem to have - demand has outscaled our first modular farm unit. Please consider signing up for a committed weekly order: you can be sure to get your greens when you stop by the market, since you’re our favorite anyway. your support is vital to our tiny farm’s opportunity to grow into the explosive demand for our sprouts. we’re in the process of moving our operation to a new dedicated space, and we’ll be able to immediately 5x our production with your help!