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tight 5 sustainably grows microgreens, sprouts, and culinary herbs at production scale in an ultra-minimalist hydroponic vertical farming unit. we utilize cubic meters, not acres. infinitely scaleable and ethically sustainable, every aspect of our production is streamlined for minimal impact and a tiny ecological footprint. our clean process only outputs oxygen, quality compost, and food. we're growing in the heart of seattle and we wouldn't wish to be anywhere else, except maybe the ISS.



tight 5 was founded in 2018 by a crazy trio of seattlites.



resident green thumb with his head in the stars. no gas, no masters. jesse comes from a background of organic farming, and has spent many moons on the road volunteering with WWOOF. he’s worked for a few green startups in seattle, always seeking to satisfy the absurd degree of devotion to ethical sustainability that he needs to sleep at night. every sprout you eat from tight 5 has been personally serenaded by jesse’s cello.



an artist both in the kitchen and in design work. leah likes tinkering with hardware just as much as tinkering with recipes. she is driven to run an uncompromisingly sustainable company, to prove that it’s really not that hard to love the planet and do business. her favorite color is green, and she strives for the world to be a greener place. leah refers to all of her plants as her babies.



software engineer turned mad sunflower scientist. armed with his experience knee-deep in seattle tech startups, zaq aims to build the software that runs the farms of the future. he handles the business side of things while the hippies play with the plants. an aggressive questioner of the status quo, zaq sees no reason why humans should still be sticking to agricultural models from the 1800s. if he has anything to say about it, the future will be written in Golang.



there's no reason to stay stuck in the past. humans of the future will be eating food grown in urban centers, not rural land. food from local farm to table, not shipped hundreds of miles by truck. food sustainably grown in the agricultural pod on the space station, not shipped from elsewhere at great cost. why not start farming now the way our grandchildren will be?



live or work near downtown seattle? we'll pedal microgreens right to your front door or office break room on our sick tricycle. try out our service with a sampler box, or subscribe to a weekly/monthly order. rather than keeping inventory, our business model is based on constant production and rotation of crops. when you place an order, we’ll lay the seed as soon as possible to ensure harvest on the morning of delivery, giving you the freshest produce possible.